GKrellDnet - a Distributed.net client monitor plugin for GKrellM

Lastest stable release: GKrellDnet 0.15


fig. 1


fig. 2


GKrellDnet is a Distributed.net client monitor plugin for GKrellM. I wrote this plugin because there are many such apps for Seti@Home client but none for Distributed.net ...



Warning: Starting from v0.8, the monitor file is no longer used. Starting from v0.9, the dnetw command line is no longer compatible with previous version. You need to remove the argument from your command line. If you start dnetw from the GKrellDnet plugin no change is need.


In fig. 1, you can see the plugin running (above CPU chart).
The client is working on a OGR stub, 36% is already done and there is 1 work unit in the input buffer and 0 in the output buffer.

Fig. 2 shows the new absolute mode, 73.94 Gnodes is already done in the current OGR stub.
Here is a screenshot (17k) of my GkrellDnet config.


The lastest stable version is GKrellDnet 0.15 (ChangeLog).

Source code available on GitHub.

How to use

  1. Copy the client wrapper 'dnetw' somewhere in your path. The Distributed.net client 'dnetc' must also be in your path.
  2. Check that the client do not redirect output to a file. If you want to log the client activity you should use the '-l' option of the wrapper.
  3. Try the wrapper from the shell, type 'dnetw dnetw.log' and you must get the standard client output.
  4. Copy the GKrellM plugin either in the system wide plugin directory or in your personnal plugin directory (~/.gkrellm/plugins/).
  5. Look at 'Info' tab in the plugin configuration for more info about the plugin settings.

More detail available here.


Q: When I try to run 'dnetw' I get the message: "shmget: File exists" ?
That means that 'dnetw' can't create his shared memory segment. First check that there is no other 'dnetw' running. You can only run one 'dnetw'. Then check that the file '/tmp/dnetw-shmid' do not exist. You can remove it only if there is no 'dnetw' running. If the previous conditions are meet and you are using GKrellDnet v0.9 or less, please upgrade to GKrellDnet v0.10 or better.



Copyright (c) 2000-2012 by Laurent Papier. This program is free software which I release under the GNU General Public License.

- Sat Nov 17, 2012.